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About zoomsquare

With zoomsquare you will experience a completely new real estate search ,which

  • is fun,
  • time-saving,
  • focuses on users searching for real estates
  • uses the newest technologies.

Thanks to zoomsquare the real estate search of tomorrow is easier, faster, clearer and considerably more informative. zoomsquare provides you with the new power-tools for real estate search!

On zoomsquare estate agents or owner cannot place their advertisements. zoomsquare instead will look for a needle in a haystack and will provide you with a proper list of links out of the latest suitable advertisement pages on the Internet, along with all relevant additional information about location and neighbourhood.

What is zoomsquare?

zoomsquare is the first real estate search engine which matches your desired features with the current offer on the market. In order to gather all information zoomsquare, like a search engine (as e.g. Google), sifts continuously through the the web for real estate offers in Austria. You can browse already among more than 400,000 links.

Why is zoomsquare`s concept new?

  • search as you like, in a very easy and intuitive way! You determine your desired features according to your wishes.
  • zoomsquare, like a search engine (as e.g Google), sifts continuously through the web for real estate advertisements in Austria. You can browse already among more than 400,000 links.
  • zoomAlert: you will receive a notification as soon as a new advertisement, which suits to your search, is placed. Exactly, only if it actually suits your search profile?!
  • search in a different way: beyond the border of a district, only in a certain neighbourhood, close to hot spots, only in the surroundings you really want to consider.
  • mark on the map the area you want to search through: mark directly on the map one or multiple areas in which you would like to live. You can be as accurate and detailed as you want to be, marking up to the street and the alleway, without considering the borders of a district.
  • the map provides you with a lot of additional information (public transportation, supermarkets, schools, fitness centres, parks, etc.)
  • full automatic localisation of the estate based on the specifications about the area retrieved from the advertisement.

More to come!

How does zoomsquare work?

Answer some questions and you will soon receive the first hits. The best matching ones will be listed on top!

What is important for you? At this point your desired features come into play. Sharpen and refine your search profile to receive even more suitable hits.

The huge advantage of zoomsquare is due to the fact that even if a single search feature does not match, you could still find a suitable estate based on the remaining matching features. Our focus lies exactly on that. Whereas in other real estate search engines such an estate would be completely left out of the results, with zoomsquare it will still be displayed for you, it will just be given a lower zoomScore.

An example:

Assuming you are looking for a penthouse, with an elevator, a big terrace and a kindergarden nearby in the district Servitenviertel. Almost all search feature match but for the elevator. This estate will not be excluded from the hints, as other search engines would do, but it will solely obtain a lower zoomScore.

How much does zoomsquare charge?

zoomsquare will offer a so-called freemium model in the future: basic features will be free for all subscribers, whereas advanced search tools will be available in form of a premium-account upon payment of a fee.

What does zoomsquare mean?

zoom refers to the fact that we focus on the wishes of people seeking for an estate and square is to stress the importance of the neighbourhood. zoomsquare - matches people with homes!